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Visiting Aunt Sara v1.13 (Final Version) Download for Android, Windows, Mac

Visiting Aunt Sara v1.13 (Final Version) Download for Android, Windows, Mac


Visiting Aunt Sara Download

Are you looking to download Visiting Aunt Sara for Android & PC?

Great! you've come to one of the best sources available on the internet to download Visiting Aunt Sara game.

After completing all the download steps given on this page for downloading Visiting Aunt Sara. you can install and enjoy this game by playing it very easily. 

This page is made especially for game enthusiasts who like downloading and playing this awesome game. I'll walk you through each and every step using plenty of gameplay pictures to make it all perfectly clear.

Visiting Aunt Sara Game Info

v.1.13 Final
Size 159 MB
Released On 26/05/2018
Updated On 15/09/2022
Developer NLT Media

Visiting Aunt Sara Download Link

Visiting Aunt Sara Gameplay

Visiting Aunt Sara latest update changelog

1.0 fixes a handful of misspellings, makes the 4th coin a little more obvious and fixes a stupid bug that I accidentally introduced in v.99b that caused the ending text to not appear unless you got 100%.

Additional bug fixes
Some minor dialog updates
There is now a reward ending for anyone who can 100% of the game with all 4 coins.

About Visiting Aunt Sara

How to download Visiting Aunt Sara APK for Android & Windows, Mac?
Visiting Aunt Sara is the story of Jeff, a cool college kid, spending the day with his Aunt. You take control of Jeff trying to rekindle Sara's dark side.​
Visiting Aunt Sara game is NLT Media's one of the first earliest games, where your main character is a teenage boy name called Jeff, if you really like NLT Media's other games like The Genesis Order, Treasure of Nadia, and Lust Epidemic then you're definitely gonna like this game too.

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Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough and Cheat Mod

Visiting Aunt Sara Walkthrough

For full walkthrough download Visiting Aunt Sara PDF

Visiting Aunt Sara Mod Features

  • Right choice hits are available
  • Hidden items highlighted
  • Gallery mod

How to use cheats in Visiting Aunt Sara


Currently, there is no easy way to use cheat on the Renpy Visual Novel game for android.
But you can hack or cheat on a PC by changing its save game files value on windows by using txt editor, but there is a problem if the game file is encrypted by the developer then you can't make it.

RPG Maker (RPGM)

You can easily hack mod cheat on your RPG Maker game save files for both platform Android & Windows.
All you have to do is find the saved game files from your game folder and upload them on the website name called saveeditonline 
You can very easily change your RPGM game save file and paste it again into your same game folder and load the game.

How to play Visiting Aunt Sara?

Visiting Aunt Sara game touch gestures on android (RPGM)

Double-tap to open game menus, UI, or option
Double-tap again to go back too
Single tap for choosing items and on interactive texts
Single tap for moving MC around the map

Visiting Aunt Sara game buttons/keys on PC (RPGM)

Arrow keys or Num Pad keys for MC movement
Z, Enter, or Space key for choosing things and taking actions
X, Esc, Num Pad 0 key for accessing the menu or cancel and go
Shift key for run faster/sprint 

What is the Minimum Requirement of Visiting Aunt Sara Game?

The best thing about this game is that you can run this game on any low specs Android device, And the minimum requirement of this game is 1 GB of free space and 1 GB of RAM.

If you are using a Windows or Mac device then you need at least 4 GB free storage and 2 GB RAM to play the game smoothly and without any lag.


  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Ram: 2GB
  • Processer: Mali, Adreno, PowerVR
  • Version: 6.0+


  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Ram: 2GB
  • Processor: i3 10th Gen, i5 3th Gen, or More
  • Version: Windows 7, Windows 10/ macOS Sierra
  • If your device is compatible with the minimum requirements then you can play this game without any issue.
Disclaimer: We are not promoting any kind of sexual or harmful content on this post, this is just a game review and we have also shared some great features of this game on this post.

How To Download And Install Visiting Aunt Sara

How to download Visiting Aunt Sara

Downloading any modded, Renpy, RPGM, and Visual novel game from AndroidVolt is a straightforward task. Anyone who has a little bit of knowledge about android, pc can easily download and install it on their device without spending a single penny.

If you are new to AndroidVolt and don’t know how to download mod application/games, Renpy, or RPGM for free, then you can follow the below guide. I am writing this guide from a newbie's perspective so that anyone can easily understand it.
  • First of all, click on the above ‘Orange Download’ button. After that, you will redirect to the download page.
  • After that wait for a while on downloading page after the blue bar fills up click ‘Click here to get the link’. 
  • After that wait, 15 seconds click on another blue button ‘Get the link’
  • It will gonna land you on downloading server page, You download from there very easily.

How to install Visiting Aunt Sara

Android installation Steps:-
  • Download Visiting Aunt Sara from our website post
  • After downloading, the file choose any of your mobile device file manager application
  • Locate the file location and Install the APK file
  • Note: If your mobile system doesn't let you install the APK file then simply go to your setting and find the unknown sources setting and turn it on.
  • Enjoy!
Windows, Mac, Linux installation steps:-
  • After downloading the main game zip file.
  • Just simply unzip it and find the .exe game icon in your folder then run it.
  • Enjoy
  • Note: If you still got any problems then you can contact us on Facebook & Contact

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Guys, I know there are lots of questions running in your mind related to this incredible Ren'py & RPG Maker Games. So below, I had tried to answer all the commonly asked queries associated with Visual novel RPGM Games.

If you think I didn’t pick up your question or if you have any queries regarding all of these games, then you can comment down. I would love to solve your queries.

Can I play this game offline?

The best thing about this visual novel RPG game is you can play them offline.
Because this game is basically gonna installed on your device storage and access all the game data from there rather than servers. that's the reason you can play this offline without any issue.

Most people in Asian countries cannot afford mobile data and that's a really good feature for them to play this game offline.

What is the Full Size of this game?

The total size of the latest version of this game is 150 MB, Which means you need a minimum of 4 GB of free space on your Android mobile to run this game smoothly.

On the other hand, if you are using a Windows or Mac device then you need a little more space, the minimum space you need is 8 GB for the game to run smoothly.

What is the Latest Version of Visiting Aunt Sara?

If you playing this game for a long time then you know that the developer of this game update this game from time to time which means you also have to update the game otherwise you not going to know the upcoming stories.

To avoid losing the new features and upcoming stories you need to update the game to the latest version and the latest version of Visiting Aunt Sara v1.13 Final, You can download this version from this post for free.

**Note that when an update is available, we will try to post it to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website to avoid losing the process when playing.

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