The Genesis Order Chest Keys, Quest Items Locations & Saves

The Genesis Order Chest Keys, Latest Version Saves, and Quest Item locations.

Are you looking for The Genesis Order Chest Keys, Quest Items locations, and saves files.?

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The Genesis Order v41091 Saves Collections Download

The Genesis Order All Chest Keys Locations

1. Chest Key 01 Location

2. Chest Key 02 Location

3. Chest Key 03 - You must have Metal Detector (Buy it in the Shop for $140)

4. Chest Key 04 (You must have 6 Caterpillars to feed the Snake so you can reach the Chest Key)

5. Chest Key 05 Location

Chest Key 06 Location

Chest Key 07 Location

Chest Key 08 (You get it in exchange for an Aloe Plant)

Chest Key 09 Location

Chest Key 10 Location

Chest Key 11 Location

Chest Key 12a (You need to have both halves and then glue them together)

Chest Key 12b (You need to have both halves and then glue them together)

Chest Key 13a (You need to have both halves and then glue them together)

Chest Key 13b (You need to have both halves and then glue them together)

Chest Key 14 Location

Chest Key 15 Location

The Genesis Order Quest Items Locations

01. The Genesis Order Treasure under the Tree (I guess he meant this tree)

02. The Genesis Order 2nd Jump Shoe & Ella's Phone Location

03. The Genesis Order Finding and returning the Cat Location

04. The Genesis Order Rescuing Chloe Location

05. The Genesis Order Lock Pick (You must have Metal Detector. Buy it in the Shop for $140)

06. The Genesis Order Melissa's Access Card Location

07. The Genesis Order Melissa's Access Card PIN Location

08. The Genesis Order Six Caterpillars Location

09. The Genesis Order Fertilizer (You must have Strenght level 2 to collect it)

10. The Genesis Order Access to the new area Location

11. The Genesis Order Unknown Locker Key Location

12. The Genesis Order Cheese Location

13. The Genesis Order 1st Gargoyles Location

13. The Genesis Order 2nd Gargoyles Location

13. The Genesis Order 3rd Gargoyles Location

13. The Genesis Order 4th Gargoyles Location

13. The Genesis Order 5th Gargoyles Location

13. The Genesis Order 6th Gargoyles Location

13. The Genesis Order Mysterious Key Location (You must activate 4 Gargoyles)

14. The Genesis Order Unlocking Burner Flip Phone

15. The Genesis Order Mansion Room Key & Silver Statue

15. The Genesis Order Mansion Room Key & Silver Statue

17. The Genesis OrderCollecting the Basketball (It's crucial for collecting the 6th Chest Key)

18. The Genesis Order Finding and returning the Crucifix

19. The Genesis Order Secret Passage - You need two Mysterious Keys (One you already have and other one Tasha gives to you)

20. The Genesis Order Clearing the Path

21. The Genesis Order Hammer Shovel

22. The Genesis Order Silver Figurine & Copper Idol

23. The Genesis Order Judy's Clothing

24. The Genesis Order Batteries

25. The Genesis Order Access to upstairs in the Police Station

26. The Genesis Order Copper Idol & Silver Statue

27. The Genesis Order Gold Figurine

28. The Genesis Order Metal Hook

29. The Genesis Order Grapple Hook

30. The Genesis Order Earning some Money

31. The Genesis Order Breaking into the Wilkes Mansion

32. The Genesis Order Use the Grapple Hook to collect some Collectables

33. The Genesis Order Old Book

34. The Genesis Order Dumbbell

35. The Genesis Order Bag of Junks Task

36. The Genesis Order Entering the Chapel

37. The Genesis Order Clue to unlock the Chest in the Chapel

38. The Genesis Order 2nd Artifact Segment

39. The Genesis Order Farmhouse Key

40. The Genesis Order Gold Statue, Clay Idol and Clay Statue

41. The Genesis Order Copper Idol

42. The Genesis Order Erica's Apartment Key (Jonathan gives to you in exchange for Stone Artifact)

43. The Genesis Order Wrench

44. The Genesis Order Rubber Boot

45. The Genesis Order Fixing the Roof

46. The Genesis Order The Note in the Attic

47. The Genesis Order Unlocking the Safe

48. The Genesis Order 1st Chisel

49. The Genesis Order 2nd Chisel

50. The Genesis Order 3rd Chisel

51. The Genesis Order Breaking the Wall under the Church

52. The Genesis Order Collecting Shinto Shrine Bell

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