Godzilla: Strike Zone v1.0.1 APK Data Download for Android


Godzilla Strike Zone is a first-person shooter where you combat the monster king, Godzilla. This game is totally different from the movie, which is why it offers a new experience if you play it, even if you have already watched the Godzilla movie before.

Publisher Warner Bros
Published on 16 Feb 2024
Size 82 MB



Godzilla: Strike Zone is a game based on the movie made by Warner Bros. Studios. You join a team of military heroes on a dangerous mission to fight Godzillas. Experience thrilling jumps as you fly and avoid skyscrapers. Rescue people from the chaos. The game looks like a movie, which makes it even more exciting. The city needs your bravery to fight the monster's destruction.


If you are a big fan of the Godzilla movie franchise, then you should definitely try this game. It will give you an immersive experience on your mobile device, with a wide variety of weapon choices and a great storyline.

Please note that as soon as an update becomes available, we'll make every effort to immediately post it on our website. To ensure you don't lose your progress while playing, please only update from our official site.
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